“We Sleep Better Knowing That Our Computers Are Protected With KRS IT.”

“We Sleep Better Knowing That Our Computers Are Protected With KRS IT.”

Currently, it is becoming clearer that security is top priority; whether it be physical security or cyber security, criminals can hit you at any point. When we were shopping our IT service out it came down to trust. We have partnered many years with KRS and never had any security risk they couldn’t handle.

We never had monitoring on our system and honestly never really thought to have one with the mentality of “it won’t happen to us”. But once you come to terms with reality you realize that ANYONE can be targeted especially in 2023. We decided that it was best to be prepared. KRS monitors our computers to catch anything we might

not notice during our daily use and make sure all computers are updated and just clean up issues before those issues slow us down. We have had isolated issues that prevented individual computers from operating correctly. KRS within minutes was able to start working on solutions remotely. The thought of doing nothing and the massive costs associated with correcting a security breach were

enough to convince us to put monitoring into our monthly budget. While I can’t speak for other firms, I can confirm that I sleep better knowing that my computers are protected and an IT company like KRS is the reason for that assurance.

Gary Ferrentino
Ferrentino CPA