Now that you know how these apps may work against you, let’s learn how to be Proactive!

Now that you know how these apps may work against you, let’s learn how to be  Proactive!


Based on our previous blog releases, KRS brought to your attention that not only with TikTok, but many other commonly used social media apps If you continue to utilize TikTok or any app, for that matter, again, be very specific and cautious about the level of permissions you are allowed to share.

The FCC has been actively trying to combat cyber threats, specifically those posed by social media apps. A recent study has shown that TikTok, an app downloaded over 1 billion times in a single year, may have been used as a tool for cyberattacks by hackers on a large-scale basis. To protect yourself from becoming the victim of such attacks,…

Be careful about what you share on social media!

For example, don't post your location, phone number, email address, home address, full name, or birth date, etc. Yes, one would say this is common sense, but we can not reiterate this enough. This can help hackers access key personal information they could use against you later.

Social media platforms like TikTok and other apps provide users with certain permissions when they download them onto their devices—these permissions allow users' phones/tablets/laptops etc. access to certain aspects of themselves (i.,e., pictures stored within). If these phones/tablets are hacked into by these malicious attackers, the amount of information that can be obtained are endless.

These permissions granted by users' devices, the result of this could potentially cause severe problems for those affected individuals. These individuals will unfortunately fall prey at some point during their daily lives, while using these devices without much thought given towards cybersecurity threats. Hackers will constantly be looking for ways into people's private lives through any electronic means, which includes your phone.

Realize, your personal information is at risk if you share it on any social media app.

If you're on social media, be aware your personal information is at risk! However, you can still use TikTok, just be sure to follow these tips:

Always remember to protect your data. If you want to share something, use a private profile or ensure that the app has a privacy policy.

It should go without saying, but please be cautious and refrain from sharing any of the following information, with anyone on social media:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your family's home address
  • The names and ages of your children
  • Passwords to any accounts you may have (even if they're "unsafe" ones)

Be careful what you post online. You never know who might be looking at your posts and how they could use that information against you in some way (e.g., blackmail).

Social media apps like TikTok have become very popular recently because of their ability to connect people from all over the world in one place where they can interact through music videos, and live streaming video feeds. Although this app, along with others, are commonly/mostly used for entertainment purposes, you should always take the suitable precautions to protect your personal and business data.

To summarize,

When using social media apps like TikTok, be aware of the security risks. Perhaps consider limiting your usage of these apps and only allowing yourself to use them on a limited basis. This will help mitigate any issues with cyber security. Like KRS, you always want to be sure you have the upper hand or at least be cognizant of what you are putting out there for the world to see. You never know who may be watching… But in all honesty, you should always go with your gut instinct.

If you’re concerned with your online security and presence, KRS is here to offer our assistance, software and tools to help you sleep easier at night. Feel free to reach out to us at , with any of your IT needs and questions.