Who Is Josiv Krstinovski And Why Is Everyone
In Cybersecurity Talking About Him?


Josiv Krstinovski

Founder And CEO

Leading Microsoft Cybersecurity Company That Helps Organizations Innovate And Grow

KRS IT has been developing growth- and security-focused cloud computing solutions that heavily contribute to clients reaching growth goals for over two decades – even in the most difficult of circumstances.

As a full-service cybersecurity firm and Microsoft Tier 1 Gold Partner, we know the most advanced ways to protect organizations against cybercriminals while helping them compete against much larger competitors.

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Josiv’s Book On Cybersecurity
2021 Guide To Ultimate Cybersecurity


As the pandemic hit our nation and businesses started to suffer, Josiv and his team did what was best for their customers. They took care of getting all of their clients setup to work from home. Josiv found that it wasn’t an opportunity to make money off people while in a down economic time. It was time to provide useful and valuable information that could be shared with existing clients, and any business that needed this knowledge to stay in business. Being that the pandemic was a scary situation for all of us, Josiv found it upon himself to invest his time on writing a book on Cyber Security to help prepare businesses for what they all needed to ensure that they have the best in cyber security along with protecting during these bad times we were all going through. Again for Josiv it’s not about the money, and in fact any profits that were accounted for on the book, were donated to charities around the US. This is a must read to add on your list. Be on the look out for new editions as Cyber Security is an ever changing risk that we all need to adapt to. Failure to do nothing is not an option. Download a copy from Amazon or purchase a hard copy here.

Inspiration From Immigrant Parents Drives KRS IT Consulting Founder To Grow His Business

What happens when you combine immigrant parents who instilled values like hard work, determination, and transparency with someone who has always had an innate interest in breaking things down to understand how they work in order to help people? Well, you get a business like KRS IT Consulting, run by CEO and Founder Josiv Krstinovski.

When Josiv’s parents first landed in North America, they faced a new world of prosperity and opportunity. Josiv’s father had left his small country of Macedonia, once a part of Yugoslavia, to settle in the United States. He was able to apply for a visa and get a job, but there was still one thing missing-a family. Coincidentally, Josiv’s mother, also from the same small country, had moved to Canada with her father, a World War II veteran. Josiv’s father had joined some mutual friends on a trip from the United States to Canada where he happened to meet Josiv’s mother, and the rest, as they say, was history.


Like Josiv’s father, her legacy lives on in how Josiv runs his business and treats his employees and clients. He knows that when you combine competency with transparency and trust, you get a potent elixir that helps win over big clients. For example, he had one prospective client that was shopping around with different IT firms who provided some highly clarifying feedback on why they chose KRS IT Consulting above all other options. They told Josiv that his was the only firm to truly delve into their unique needs, craft a customized proposal based on their findings, and present a full-service solution that would address all their ongoing concerns in a way they could understand. They were by no means the cheapest option, nor the most expensive, but because KRS IT Consulting had perfected what it means to provide specialized support to its customers, they won the bid and have been working with the company ever since.

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Josiv’s Top Areas Of Expertise

  • Cyber Security Expert
  • Penetration Testing
  • Office 365 Migrations
  • Virtualization
  • Published Author
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Cloud Computing
  • Office 365 Licensing
  • Co-Managed Services

A leader in Managed IT Services & Support with a Cyber Security Focus first. Josiv has operated in the technology space for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in various technology solutions. Coming from a corporate background with complex networking, business continuity, backup and disaster recovery, help desk & desktop support services, Josiv has founded a company that businesses love working with because they are treated fair, providing the utmost care for their business. Trust is a huge factor, and Josiv has made it his mission to help businesses from being taken advantage from a Cyber Attack. Josiv and his team is dedicated to their clients and they have always ensured that they go above and beyond.

Listen To Why Josiv Krstinovski Is One Of The Most
Trusted Leaders In Cyber Security


Listen To Why Josiv Krstinovski Is One Of The Most Trusted Leaders In Cyber Security

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Top Reasons You Will Want To Work With Us

You’ll Get A Professional Team, Not A “One-Man-Band”

Many IT businesses only have a few technicians on staff, which means you might be left waiting for hours or even DAYS to get your computer problems resolved because they’re short staffed or too busy trying to serve all their clients.

Excellent Response Time & An Increase In Up Time.

We understand that having a technology challenge is stressful for the entire office. That’s why we make it our #1 priority to respond and resolve your issues in 1 hour or less, guaranteed. If you do not see an increase in your uptime by 20% each month, you will not pay for that month. Ultimately, our clients experience 99% uptime.

In House Help Desk & Our Phones Are Answered Live!

Our Help Desk is located in New Jersey and is in-house. We do not outsource our support. We are dedicated in providing you with the best support and service in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area. We answer our phones live and have you connect with an available technician within minutes or a call back within 15 minutes.

Comprehensive Cyber Security Focus

Other companies use only anti-virus and firewalls, which is not enough protection against today’s threats. At KRS IT Consulting, we are experts in layering innovative security pieces in your network, which guarantees your protection against ransomware, keeping your data and your business safe from hackers and other criminals. We even go the extra step of addressing the silent threat INSIDE your network: your employees.

We help educate your employees on current trends and proper security protocol.


We are big on customer service, and we want you to understand everything that we are doing. We will go out of our way to educate you on your technology provide you with tips on how to be more efficient and protected.

Hardware Included In All Plans

One of the biggest issues is having a network that is not fully upgraded and using the latest in technology. We at KRS IT have found a way to upgrade all of your equipment, including network, workstations, servers, and more by having 1 simple flat rate price per month. What this means is that you will never run on outdated technology, and will always have a brand new system every three years. Why pay more when you can pay less over time and also have a full 100% tax deduction each month.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Here is the best part! We here at KRS IT are so confident in our services and team that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. Make no mistake you will not see many IT companies do this. We have a full 90-day money back guarantee. Give us a try and see why so many businesses now cannot live without us!

Switching Services Made Painless & Easy

Switching IT Providers is a pain and we know how difficult this can be. With KRS IT we have a proven process that has been perfected with over 15 years of experience and we know exactly how to make this transition simple and painless. Best of all, we document and provide you secure access to your information. Never let IT Providers hold you hostage without being able to access your information.

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