Why Your Business Should Consider Hardware as a Service

Why Your Business Should Consider Hardware as a Service


Most of us have heard of Saas (Software-as-a-service). However, lesser-known HAAS (Hardware-as-a-service) is also a growing industry. HaaS helps businesses maintain modern equipment by leasing hardware which is then replaced every three years in exchange for new equipment. For those looking to learn more before deciding, keep reading to learn more.

Here are some of the benefits of HAAS:

Simplified maintenance

While many companies have funds to invest in suitable hardware, many struggle to maintain it without an in-house IT staff. In addition, maintenance is necessary for hardware efficiency. Without modern and secure hardware, you are more vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

In fact, HaaS plans include support and maintenance plans. If you’re struggling with cost and complexity of hardware decisions, it makes sense to partner with a vendor who can manage it all for you.

Straightforward scaling with HaaS

As a business grows, so do the hardware needs. Alternatively, some companies only require additional equipment for seasonal needs. For either problem, HaaS is a superior solution. Rather than having to purchase equipment for short-term needs or adding new equipment to scale, HaaS can provide infinite scalability that meets your needs.

Improved cash flow

Cash flow is an issue for all businesses, big and small. An IT infrastructure overhaul can be a costly expense for many companies. It is not always a problem that arrives on your terms.

However, a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP) can deploy HaaS for you. With your MSP, while you use the equipment, they own and maintain it for you at a predictable monthly cost that aligns with your budget

Always-on security

Threats to security by cybercriminals are a constant issue. Businesses need to be vigilant in their hardware safety to prevent threats as much as possible. Since HaaS is managed by your MSP, you can rest assured they are protecting your systems as well.

However, HaaS companies constantly maintain and upgrade equipment for persistent threat prevention. When you use HaaS, your chosen MSP will provide you with the most relevant and updated equipment to address both your requirements and ongoing cybersecurity threats.

Stay current

Technology is constantly evolving at a rapid clip. Most companies struggle to keep up. Further, maintaining equipment can seem like a never-ending challenge. With equipment becoming obsolete faster than ever, it can seem like we are constantly researching and purchasing better equipment to stay current. Yet, adding to an already-complicated tech stack can start to create more problems than they solve. Also, not managing equipment efficiently is costly and can cause security failures.

Final thought

Hardware as a service offers several benefits at a reasonable cost. From saving time researching, buying, and implementing new equipment to saving money on hefty upfront costs, HaaS is an ideal solution for your hardware infrastructure needs.