KRS QUICK TECH TIP: 🚨WAIT!!🚨 Hackers Are Selling WHAT NOW?!?🤯🤯🤯

KRS QUICK TECH TIP: 🚨WAIT!!🚨 Hackers Are Selling WHAT NOW?!?🤯🤯🤯

Hey everybody, how's it going? Chris Gaffney, back for another weekly tech tip video for KRS IT.

This week we're going to talk about something that we've noticed that's happening more and more frequent. And that's how hackers are now really getting smarter and smarter, and streamlining their services for other hackers.

So by now, us business owners and employees, I'm sure we all kind of know what malware is. So I'm gonna kind of skip over that whole thing, but what we didn't know is that malware as a service, is now kind of being offered by HACKERS. So what they're doing is they're basically taking their hacking services, and they're streamlining it out to be written in software format, so other people can just buy it at shockingly, affordable low prices or even rent it. Go ahead and use that software to try to hack into different companies that don't have proper cyber security in place.

Ransomware kits is another thing that hackers are now streamlining, as well. So it's not just one person doing the ransomware anymore. They've already written it. The hackers don't even have to write the code anymore. They're just purchasing it, and then they'll go ahead and they're giving it out to people that they know their systems are weak and there's no cyber in place. So they can change the amounts they're asking for, They can change what to do, the data that they're stealing and all this other stuff. So ransomware kits are another thing that's coming down and being streamlined.

To avoid all this, we just ask that all companies know that at least once a year do a cybersecurity check. If you've been with the same IT company for a long time, obviously, I guess that means you're happy with them, which is good. But get their work checked. We even have our network checked at least twice a year. Have a third party company come in and audit, and just ensure that, “Hey, you guys are good. There's no holes in the network.” Because a lot of times what we're seeing is, when we're doing these audits for other companies, that tell us they're very happy with who they have, before finding out there's major holes in the network. That doesn't necessarily mean they're going to leave them and come and work with us. But at least they have Peace of Mind, and they can give it to their IT company and say: “Hey, we have some deficiencies in these areas. Let's fix these!” So there's a lot of stuff going on. We're just trying to keep everyone aware and educated on it and safe.

Alright, so hopefully you guys have a good week and see you next week! Take care.