KRS QUICK TECH TIP: 🤔IoT Devices🤔…These CAN Get Your Network Hacked Into If Not Secured!!🤯🤯🤯

KRS QUICK TECH TIP: 🤔IoT Devices🤔…These CAN Get Your Network Hacked Into If Not Secured!!🤯🤯🤯

Hey, everyone. How's it going?! Chris Gaffney back for another weekly tech tip video for KRS IT!

Today, we're going to talk about something that is a security risk, that you might not even think about, and more and more things have these in them. And it's starting to become a little bit of an issue, so IT companies and cybersecurity experts are looking into this a little bit deeper. But let's talk about it today! Okay, so I.o.T stands for: Internet of Things. And what that basically means is, there's a ton of devices now that you buy in your home that has access to the internet, that really never did back in the day. Like nowadays, you can get smart refrigerators. There's thermostats that use the internet. There's a ton of items in our homes nowadays, that it just was never like that before. Some mistakes that people are making is, they have that on the same network, and their router as their personal computer or as a work computer.

Just a quick tip KRS wanted to point out, and we're kind of mentioning this in meetings as well. These routers basically allow you to create multiple networks. Almost all routers do that and certainly the better ones definitely have those options. So if you can do that, we would suggest basically creating three separate networks, then have one for your IoT things, like those sort of devices, because security is very LAX on those. That's not something they think about. And hackers are starting to figure out ways to get in through there and gain access to other items. So create one network for that, have one for your personal computer, your personal PC, and always put your business on a separate one. So you should really have three accounts, if that's what you guys are doing. Alright, so we just wanted to point that out. Hope everyone's staying safe and secure, and I will talk to you guys next week. Peace!

Hey guys Kari here from KRS IT! Want to thank you so much for tuning into our Weekly Tech Tip.

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