KRS QUICK TECH TIP: 🛑STOP!!🛑DON’T Open That Work File On Your Personal Laptop!🤯🤯Here’s Why!!🤔💡

KRS QUICK TECH TIP: 🛑STOP!!🛑DON’T Open That Work File On Your Personal Laptop!🤯🤯Here’s Why!!🤔💡

Hey guys! Welcome back for another weekly tech tip video. Chris Gaffney, just wanted to talk about one quick thing this week in this video and that is a mistake that we see a ton of remote based companies making and we're going to go over that. OK?

OK, so 2024 and we now have more remote based companies than ever, right? Once COVID hit it kind of switched things up a lot, and a lot of companies sent their people to work from home and working remotely became more and more popular. And I think after even it was done, a lot of companies realize, “Hey, this might be more cost efficient for us. Maybe we don't need a building.” And it seems like there's more remote companies than ever.

One thing that Joe and I see frequent though, that remote based companies are making a pretty big mistake, is… This is what they're doing. They're basically having their people work from home, and they work on their own personal device. So on that personal device, they have their work stuff and they do whatever they do in their personal time. That is a BIG MISTAKE, and that is definitely a receipt for disaster over time. If you work from home, if you work remotely, the company, if the company doesn't issue you one, which they should, you should always have a personal device and a work device. The work device is just for work stuff. It's not for anything personal and you use it just for that.

We do see some companies operating the right way, and some companies are trying to shift over, but it seems obviously most companies are trying to save money. So that's one thing that they're doing. The people kind of just work off with their own device, which makes it really complicated and the network is basically, putting itself in serious danger, because there's a lot of company sensitive information on there. When it gets hacked, you know there's not much you can do because it's a personal device as well. And some people with a personal device, they don't even want IT companies installing software on it, they think they're being spied on and stuff like that. So it just leads to a whole mess.

So the obvious solution is to have a company provide you with its own, your own device that's related to just work, OK? And we do that for all our clients. I mean that's our hardware as a service model. So if you're a company that's thinking that, “Hey, I'd like to provide my employees with some laptops or something like that to work from home”, get in touch with us. We have great ties to distributors, and we always have some pretty good deals going on. You guys can e-mail: and we'd be happy to jump on a call, and go over this more in depth, okay. But that is something that we saw a lot of companies operating and doing. So we thought we would put this out there, and just let them know that hey, you know, we're here to help and there's better ways to do this, okay. So I'll talk to you guys next week and hopefully everyone is doing well, staying safe. Take care!

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