If It Is Too Good To Be True… It Probably Is. How To Spot A Fishy Proposal

If It Is Too Good To Be True… It Probably Is. How To Spot A Fishy Proposal


Do not be fooled by a slick and tricky written proposal from other vendors!! In fact, we recently ran into this very issue with one of our own clients. While getting a copier serviced, they inquired on their IT costs and budget and without having any real clue as to what services they are receiving decided it was too much money and they could do it for cheaper! It is crucial to examine any vendors Cyber Security/Managed Services proposals VERY closely, especially the pricing involved. A proposal may seem cost-effective on the surface, but when looking beneath the surface many services might be accompanied with additional costs as a ‘pay per service’ fee. If those services are needed (which they almost ALWAYS are), it is possible that those additional charges would make that service provider MORE expensive compared to a proposal with a higher flat rate fee!

When we really analyzed the proposal, our client had been offered did not have the proper Cyber Security system, meaning no Endpoint security, and using antivirus. Antivirus is not a solution for Cyber Protection currently. That was a solution used over 5 years ago but no longer. Also, this vendor was only giving them 2 hours of support per month and charging them for anything beyond that. Travel charges were also being billed. In comparison to our plan, we were slightly higher priced, HOWEVER we provided no travel charges, no hourly time limits, or blocks of hours. We give you 1 flat price and that is what you pay. 1 flat price, and true flat rate services! No hidden fees, no surprises, no gotchas…When broken down in a true apple to apples not only are we more cost effective but we also offer a much higher quality IT solution. The solution our client was provided may have looked great to the unfamiliar eye but it was clear to us some vital pieces were missing.

Please do not get caught up in the cheaper is better trap. We have seen it so many times, someone thinking they are getting a better deal only to call us up a few months later and explain what a huge mess their network is currently in and ask us to review all these separate bills they have allotted. If you have a mechanical issue with your car and you do no research and just go with the cheapest quote it is almost a certainty you will be unhappy with the results and probably end up paying twice for it to be fixed. IT is no different and while a vehicle is an important form of transportation, it is not as important as your company and your livelihood.

Leave the IT tasks to the IT professionals.

If you are not one of our clients and you want us to do a close review on what you are currenting paying your IT guy, please reach out to use and schedule a 15-minute call to review… https://Cx15.krsit.com

We can quickly let you know if you are being overcharged or being nickeled and dimed.

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