Why Your Company Should Invest in Cyber Security Training

Why Your Company Should Invest in Cyber Security Training


From the WannaCry attack to the Equifax hack and the recent Colonial Pipeline attack that left multiple states with gas shortage, the headlines are inundated with an increasing number of cyber security breaches. In fact, it costs organizations an average of $11.7 million annually due to cyber crime. As more businesses embrace digital transformation, they also accelerate the risk of a breach without adequate security protocols in place. However, to continue keeping your data safe requires cyber security training. Why? Well, ransomware is one significant issue.

Consider the Colonial Pipeline breach where not only did it affect the east coast of America, but they also paid a $5 million ransom. If your organization does not have $5 million on hand to pay a ransom, then you can save a lot of time and mitigate risks with cyber security training.

In addition, many cyber criminals now incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to exploit company vulnerabilities more rapidly than ever before. Your employees may already understand the risks, but they may not comprehend how to defend your business against threats on a daily level. On the other hand, with cyber security training, they can practice simulations and learn more about a wide variety of risks so they know exactly what measures to take when confronted with a threat.

Cyber security requires all hands on deck. When your team members are prepared, they have the confidence to act quickly and thoughtfully to keep your networks and data safe. To illustrate, KRS offers a comprehensive Cyber Security training package designed to minimize the most common threats. They provide education on multiple facets of cyber security, including:

  • The Dark Web
  • Employee training services
  • Endpoint Security

EndPoint Security can be used as a part of security. SEIM is another source that can be used as for extra security measure, allowing a dedicated Security Operations Center that will monitor events 24/7. This is vital to every business out there.

Regardless of your organization's size, you are never too small for cyber thieves to target. Undoubtedly, cyber criminals search for small businesses because they expect they are easier to breach. It's time to stop them in their tracks and prove them wrong by providing cyber security training for your employees. We have a state-of-the-art training program that is very comprehensive, which is far from dull/boring, but interactive, fun, and quite engaging! If you are not using these security measures, you and your business are at a great risk, and should be considered incredibly lucky that you have not yet been compromised. Or who knows, maybe you have been, and the hacker is waiting for the perfect moment to strike! Whatever you decide, preparation is your best defense against persistent threats.