Be Leery of Companies That Tell You, “By the way, we also do IT….”

Be Leery of Companies That Tell You, “By the way, we also do IT….”


We at KRS IT hope that everyone is enjoying their Holidays!! Even though the Holidays are in full swing please know that we are always dedicated to protecting and servicing our clients regardless of the time of the year. As a matter of fact, the Holidays bring forth additional threats that you may not normally have to deal with. Do not worry, we will not bore you to death with details on what these items or threats are. Just rest easy knowing that your IT provider is fully aware and 24/7 monitoring for such threats. Always ahead of the curve offering the latest cutting-edge cyber solutions.

That said we would like to share a personal story on why it is very important to choose a legit IT company to handle your company’s full technology needs. Over the course of our time in the industry it has led us to some interesting conversations. One of these conversations took place with a trusted vendor that is excellent in their field and has some of the best business phone phone solutions available in the industry. During our conversation I casually asked if they have ever attempted to also do IT solutions or if it was something in their plans for the immediate future? Their answer kind of shocked us but I guess it should not have. They explained that they branched out a few years back and decided to offer IT services with their VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions. Within a few short months they already regretting their decision and had major problems including cyber breaches and down servers. Disastrous situations where they needed to call in a true IT company to save the day and get their client back up and running. After this they decided IT simply was not for them and exited those contracts.

The point of this story is not to bash the vendor because they are a very high-quality solutions provider in their own space. The problem is when companies try to venture out into other areas and simply do not have the education or experience to properly make the transition. On many occasions we are asked does KRS IT create websites and things of that nature? We do not because it simply is not our area of expertise. We stay in our lane and try and perfect what we do, if you are getting persuaded by another vendor be it a copier/internet/phones or anything of the sort please be aware that you are not getting a true apple to apples comparison. Our mutual friend has told us that they in no shape or form plan to ever try IT again and basically good luck in such a tough area! Challenge accepted!! ?

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