KRS IT Quick Tech Tips: HEY BUSINESS OWNERS! Know how you can save HUGE $$$ this 2023!? WATCH THIS!!

Happy November guys!

Crazy to think we're so close to the year ending, right! Hey, no need to worry yourself though because we obviously still have quite a bit of time before we get ourselves worked up on what we need to have done before then.

In any case we did want to bring up something we've been hearing many business owners mentioning on calls and meetings quite frequently.

KRS IT Tech Tips: Gain All New Equipment for Your Office! AT NO COST TO YOU!

Hey Everyone!

It's the last month of the year, but that doesn't mean it's time to sit back and coast on your work. Especially when it comes to your business' security! With the Holidays around the corner, and most of us getting our shopping done via online sites, are you confident that you have the proper tools set in place in your office? Or at least attentive to the sites you are using to shop, even if you are at the comfort of your own home?

Take a moment and join our VP of Sales and Marketing, Chris Gaffney, as he will fill you in on the necessary tools and precautions you should be aware of this time of the season, and moving forward.

KRS Quick Tech Tips: STOP! Don’t Use THAT Antivirus Protection!!

Looks like we made it guys! It's Friday!

Hope you all are looking forward to the weekend as much as we are here at KRS. But doesn't mean we are leaving our guards down in the line of work we're focused on.

In fact, we've been trying to be sure that our clients and their fellow colleagues are staying informed and up to date with the knowledge of security, especially with their IT and data.