KRS QUICK TECH TIP: A New Computer System?! 🤔 🤯🤯And It…

KRS QUICK TECH TIP: A New Computer System?! 🤔 🤯🤯And It…

Hey everybody! Welcome back to another weekly tech tip for KRS IT. I don't know if this is really a tech tip, but we just kind of wanted to remind everybody. We're starting to get later in the year, we're entering, we're getting close to entering the third quarter. We wanted to remind everybody about our hardware as a service programs, and how they work, because the more and more meetings we're taking, the more and more we're noticing companies are really on some old, outdated equipment. And it's not the best way to operate.

So again, what is “hardware as a service” and why is it helpful? Hardware as a service, is simply us including the hardware in your plan. So we work off three-year agreements. Within that three years, you guys have brand new computers, brand new hardware and you're basically paying it off in the time. So by the end of the 36 month agreement, it's time for us to do a new agreement with you guys, and if you're choosing to move forward with KRS IT, we at that point go ahead and get you guys brand new computers. So it's something to look forward to, and it helps that you're always working on the latest and greatest equipment, because this stuff does get outdated pretty quickly. And that's when it's more vulnerable to being hacked, and ransomware and things of that nature.

Okay, so if you have any questions on our “Hardware as a Service” program, definitely send us an e-mail: I'd be happy to set up a quick meeting and go over it in more detail. Alright! Hope everyone's doing well and talk to you guys soon!

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